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How it works

Here’s how you can avail our services


Register for the free trial

We start all our customers with a free trial. Fill out the information form and tell us about your business – this way we can understand what the right plan for you is. You can choose to avail our service for free for 7 days or 200 chats. After selecting an option, we will help you setup the live chat on your website.


Go live

Our proprietary algorithm allows us to start providing live support for your website within minutes.


Deliver exceptional customer support

Once your free trial ends, we will send you a detailed report on the visitors on your website to help you evaluate our service. This way, you can decide whether you want to continue partnering with us and start delivering exceptional customer support right on your website.

Key features

Why sign up for Chatsource?


Available all day, every day service

There’s no such thing as rest days when it comes to taking care of your live chats. Chatsource is there 24/7. You never know when someone needs live chat support!


Highly-trained, multilingual chat agents

Customers are real people, and they deserve to speak to chat agents that come through as humans and can speak the same language. Say goodbye to robotic responses with Chatsource’s specialized chat agents.


Bespoke chat scripts

Want to prepare uniform responses to live chat queries? You’re the boss. Chatsource provides services tailored to your needs and preferences.


Active Engagement

Chatsource doesn’t just reply to live FAQs. We also do your sales talk for you, since our chat agents can actively engage with customers to push sales.


Value-added service

Don’t fret if you still don’t have a live chat software on website. We’ve got you covered! We’ll help you set up the live chat software to get you started.


Cost-effective option

Signing up with Chatsource costs you 10 times less than an in-house front-end team, so you can keep your business’ overhead and other costs light.

What is Chatsource?

Chatsource is a comprehensive outsourced live chat service that offers not only a wide network base of specialized, multilingual chat agents available 24/7 for front end needs, but also bespoke services including but not limited to custom scripts for uniform responses and website setup.

What do we do at Chatsource?

Chatsource supports your website’s live chat feature by providing a team of live chat agents at your disposal all day, every day. Still don’t have a live-chat software on your website? No problem. We can help you pick the right live chat software for you and get it going!

Plans & Pricing


USD 109 / month

9am to 6pm

Unlimited Chats

Multilingual Agents

99% Uptime

Data Security

Sales/Support Inquiry Escalation

Customised Response

Real-Time Chat Report

One-Time Setup Fee : USD135



USD 219 / month

24 hours

Unlimited Chats

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Multilingual Agents

99% Uptime

Data Security

Sales/Support Inquiry Escalation

Customised Response

Real-Time Chat Report

One-Time Setup Fee : USD135



Common questions and answers

  • Can I still subscribe to Chatsource even if my website doesn’t have a live chat software installed?

    Yes, absolutely. Chatsource has its own live chat software and our team can help you integrate it to your website hassle-free. All software licensing fees are on us!

  • Is Chatsource available for any business anywhere in the world?

    We believe in a borderless world, so YES you can sign up with us no matter where your business is based. Do check out supported languages when you sign up!

  • Can I use Chatsource to increase my sales?

    We can actively engage with visitors to your website, thus making it easier for them to click that Buy Now or Sign Up Today button.

  • How do I monitor chats?

    You may monitor chat logs through reports automatically sent to you by our live chat software.


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